This 4th of July a crisp crowd of thousands was in for an epic experience: witnessing Powersolo in one of their most amazing shows to date!

Seemingly no amount of rain was able to take the force out of the blows on either side of the stage: a frenzied crowd was already engaged in a heathen, deafening ritual of smashing stuff against the crowd control barriers as Powersolo was brought forward for the last discharge of raw donkey-punk energy at this year’s Roskilde Festival.

As the Tremoloriffic Trio liberated the stage at 0330 hours, it was clear that this would in no way be a standard Roskilde Festival experience. Featuring the full setup from the Oak Tree Girl video in front of an amazing live audience, the band kicked off with an explosive triple treat of songs “Baby, You Ain’t Lookin’ Right”, “Truckin’” and “Wow Wow Baby”.

Having proven that a wet audience can indeed catch sparks, the band was flanked by good-girls-gone-bad Anna and Lullu, in vast supply of raw sexual energy as well as crïsp harmonies, to such delicious dissonances as “S.L.B”, “Nascar”, “Fertilizer Baby” and “Kat Nazer”.

In the mayhem-filled wee hours of the morning, the band kept on rocking the proverbial house to a grand finale. It became clear that what we were all part of no less than an epic night out with the PowerSolo. A perfect audience pushed the band to deliver its absolute finest performance to date, as the additional full Oak Tree muppet line-up, as well as male wrestler Juanito and female wrestler Juanita, brought the show to an ultimate climax in a blizzard of true cognitive distortion.

Thank you Roskilde – for a surely memorable night !!!! We do look forward to seeing you all again in the near future for more greatness to come……..


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