From the Archives: Yebo’s diary from the Topper Interdiptional Tour 2000 (by 5. May 2000)

We – the merry men of tothe International – have always had a weak spot for the Swedish band Dipper. In the past we have played and toured together many a jolly old time, and we seem to fit together perfectly both as bands and as people.

We all remember legendary back stage parties such as the one in Haderslev where we had a lemon jello fight and everybody lost their pants, Dipster Jochim Leksell got buck naked and Smartin put a rose through his penis (his own penis!). God damn, those were the days.

Well, as Tothe was setting out to play some Danish dates after the release of our latest album “The Slow Light Thory” we of course asked Dipper to tour with us again. And it turned out to be a great idea!

We played some truely great shows all over Denmark and got pretty damned drunk and hung out ’till 67 in the morning and promised each other that we would never part, and that we have to do a record together (maybe/maybe not called: They Might Be Joints or Berberi StressAnd or just Backstreet Bajs). The only problem I have doing a diary about all this, is the simple fact that it’s pretty blurry… what happened first and then what…? From the first leg of the tour I just remember fun fun fun ’till my daddy takes my T-Bird away.

So on the next leg of the Interdeepshitional action man tour I brought my trusty camera (Where’s my camera? Instant camera?), so the pictures could revive my memory – and they sure did.

The last week end we played 2 shows. The first was at Rytmeposten in Odense. A really cool place where the audience is always nice, interested listeners who’s not afraid to drink a beer or two. On top of this they have the nice local Albani Brew that both Dipper and Tothe has grown quite fond of.

This friday night a good crowd of people had decided to come out and listen to some loud and groovy music, and we gave them just that.

Dipper opened with a set of their action packed new wave punk garage whatchammacallit-songs and leadsinger Joachim (by tothe dubbed Jolle XL – which meanse Extra Large Joint in Swedish) thrilled everybody with his bag of stage tricks such as the old beer-masturmation, the rattlesnake-gymnastics and a generally nice and spastic performance.

After that we gave it our best shot to live up to the magic of Dipper, and I think we came close (I even did an oral theremin-solo an “Midnite & the Medicine”). When the koncerts were over, we hung out with the friendly people of Odense and drank quite a few of the Odense Pils + some vodka and Martini we’d bought. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but everybody was in a relly exceptional mood, and it turned out to be the best after party I can recall for a long time!

First row: Magnus, Show, Yebo, Nalna, second row: Patrick (Pot-drik) and Matt, and behind us – ready to mount the pyramid: Tor, Jolle XL and Scary

At the height of the party, Tothe and Dipper decided to symbolize our brotherhood by a human pyramid. Although the picture doesn’t show it, we actually succeeded in doing it! But as everybody was pretty damned inebriated at the time the pyramid was swaying back and forth, and when it suddenly broke down, Mr. Harri Kolari (Scary Kolary) of Dipper fell down and twisted my foot. THIS HURT LIKE HELL!!!

We quickly got a lot of ice to relieve the agonizing pain I was feeling through all the Odense Pils, vodka and Martini, and it helped a whole lot!

Martini straight up and a foot on ice!

And then the party took off!

Oh yes. The next morning did come, and we all felt pretty bad. Especially me with the foot and all. I couldn’t walk on it and had to go to the emergency room at the hospital in Vejle – the next stop on the tour. No bones were broken, but it still hurt quite a bit.

The night in Vejle turned out to be quite different (apart from the drinking) as almost no people came out to the show. This didn’t stop Dipper from giving another one of their super cool koncerts. Those guys just rock so friggin’ hard!

After Dippers inspiring performance it was a joy to go on stage with Tothe, and it turned out to be a really fine gig for us too. We didn’t hold anything back and just played our asses off. I of course had to watch “the foot”, but still managed to play…

Only embarrasing moment from the show? After the set, the rest of the band left the stage for the ritual “encore”… well, not being able to walk very well, I decided to just hide behind the drums, so I didn’t have to climb off and onstage… A good idea, I thight… But the other guys didn’t notice this (or else they were just plain evil) and wouldn’t go back onstage because I was missing (they thought I went out to pee). So all this time I was squating on the floor behind the drums, and the damned bastards didn’t bother to come back for encores.

Finally I had to just face the embarrassment and call out to the guys where I was, and everybody had a jolly good laugh at my expense… Yeah.. and that’s that.


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