From the Archives: VC2 (by 5. October 2000)

The second edition of the yearly VibraCrunch – an outdoor concert featuring some of the best bands from Sweden and Denmark, that happens to be released on the two labels behind the event, Vibrafon (S) and Crunchy Frog (DK) – was held on Sunday the 13th of August at Bastionen in the heart of Malmoe, Sweden. All in all this was a perfect day for the many Swedes and Danes who had decided to treat their body to loads of sunshine, cold beer and excellent music.

The first Crunchy Frog band on stage was Tothe International. They had their first show without crazy man Matty Matt Matt. The beloved bassist and token negro is leaving Europe for his native town of Austin, Texas. The rest of the band did their very best to make up for the missing prankster, and performed an intense gig featuring material from their recent album “The Slow Light Theory” and old underground hits such as “Momma I’m a Communist” and “Steak!”.

After Tothe Int’l, The Mopeds played a whole bunch of new superb rock tunes and gave everybody something to look forward to. They release their new album early next year – and on this fine afternoon we got a sneak peak into the new songs. They rock! Mopeds brought Eggstone’s Patrik Bartosch with them, and he gave a smashing performance playing guitar and synth.

As the afternoon became early evening, Superheroes – as usual – played a most convincing concert. Lead man Thomas Troelsen took off his shirt and worked out in front of a demanding and enthusiastic audience. He even declared that he liked Malmö so much he want to move there! Despite his great love for the city he made the mistake of saying “Thank you Skanderborg” when he left the stage (sorry Thomas, we had to tell….).

Dipper as usual was pure dynamite and lead singer Joachim Leksell seems to get more and more carried away from concert to concert. These guys rock the bejesus out of you, and it’s always a pleasure hearing such a tight band backing up such an out of this world lead singer.

The last band of the evening was the Danish/Swedish combo The Tremolo Beer Gut, who certainly lived up to the beer part of their name. Luckily this band just gets a little more authentic when they play with alcohol in the bloodstream! And they sure did this evening! The band embodied the spirit of rock n’ roll and even impressed the members of 22 Pistepirkko who were among the audience.

Besides the three bands from each label, VibraCrunch this year presented a couple of guest stars: From Denmark the party minded and coconut-shakin’ Junior Senior who had a guest star in Thomas from superheroes.

And from Sweden not only the singer(songwriter-oriented Linda Johansson, but also the truly original Galéns, featuring Mats and Johnny from Swedish band Bob Hund and the exotic Maya de Vesquez from Chesty Morgan.


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