From the Archives: The TBG goes to NYC to meet JS from the BX (by 17. February 2000)

As a special addition to the Crunchy Frog show case on this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in NYC (where both superhereos and Learning From Las Vegas are also playing) The Tremolo Beer Gut will hit the states for the first time. The gig will be at Luna Lounge in Ludlow St (near the corner of E. Houston St.) on saturday 18th September at 4pm. If you happen to be anywhere near there, don’t miss it!!!

The Beer Gut just released their debut album in May, and has also already been released in Japan this summer. The band pretty soon reached the #15 on the hit list at the Beach-radio in Tokyo. This is a station only broadcasting on the many beaches in the
Tokyo area which have 100s of 1000s of visitors every week. What could be more approproiate than listening to Tremolo chilling on the beach?

Sune and Yebo surfin’ away at their latest gig at VibraCrunch. A red hot and pretty damned inebriated performance that was the culmination of the many gigs Tremolo played in Denmark and Sweden during summer.

And now the US of A – the birthplace of both surf, western and garrage rock – will be the next stretch of beach for the Tremolo guys to conquer. Yebo, Jengo and Per will meet up with Sune who is already residing in Seattle, Washington, where he is forming a new band after Psyched Up Janis broke up this summer. Much against their ordinary style the band just might do a small rehearsal before the New York show (this summer they played 10 gigs and rehearsed only once!!! damn
professionals!). The reason for this break with a fine tradition is the pretty big possibility for Mr. Jon Spencer from The Mighty Blues Explosion being in the audience.

When JSBX played a gig in Malmö in the spring, Magnus from The Cardigans – who is himself a devoted Tremolo listener – handed over some copies of ”The Inebriated Sounds of The Tremolo Beer Gut” to the Blues Exploders. Then nothing happened for a long time.
Then suddenly 2 days before JSBXs show at Århus Festuge in Denmark their manager called the danish promoter and asked if Tremolo could support the gig. Unfortunately Sune had just gone to the US, and Jengo was in Paris (for once…!) so the band was much against their will (and wildest dreams) unable to play.
But Yebo decided to take fate into his own two trembling hands, and went straight to Århus to give Spencer, Bauer & Simmins some vinyl singles that features songs not available on the album.

When he finally met with Mr. Rock himself it turned out that Jon Spencer is a great fan of the Tremolo album. Can you believe that? Yebo couldn’t, but he had to deal with the unreality of it all later, as Spencer asked 100 questions about the record, and praised both the Tremolo songs and the Tremolo sounds. Well, if The Tremolo Beer Gut had to pick only one person in the whole freakin’ Universe that they wanted to like their record, it would definitely be Jon Spencer. Not too fucking shabby at all!

Mr. Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion showed up together with his soundman, and enjoyed Tremolo’s gig at Luna Lounge. you can’t get a cooler audience than that!


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