From the Archives: The Raveonettes sign BIG US-deal! (by 30. September 2002)

The Raveonettes signs historical deal!

Yes, it is true – and it is more than that: It a dream come true for The Raveonettes!

Since the Danish release of their debut EP “Whip It On” on May 27th things has moved very fast for the band. Already before the release the band caught the attention of editor David Fricke from Rolling Stone Magazine, who praised the band as “The best new garage band” on after seeing a live show in Aarhus, Denmark. July 25th they played at the legendary rock club CBGB’s in New York and by then the interest from international labels had already exploded. Last week they went to play in London and now it’s a fact: The Raveonettes has signed a world wide deal with Columbia (Sony) in America.

The figures are top secret but are reported to be “not too shabby”! Actually to our knowledge a deal of this dimension has never been done between an Amercian label and a Danish band. And the best thing is: The Raveonettes are still full of crunch, since all releases in DK will be handled by your favorite label Crunchy Frog.

Sune Wagner used to be the main man of grungy trio Psyched Up Janis, but a few years ago he decided to split up and head for a less commercial and much more grindy “cut to the bone” sound. And now The Raveonettes has acchived more in 6 months, than Sune’s former band Psyched Up Janis acchieved in 6 years.

“Whip it on” will be released by Columbia this Fall, but unfortunately the supposed follow up EP, the socalled “Chaingang of Love” white Bb Major EP, is not due to release – in stead a full length album will be released next year.


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