From the Archives: The Mopeds signed and ready to release (by 8. March 2001)

The Mopeds happen to be the most beautiful band in the world – and what’s even more beautiful: the band is signed to Crunchy Frog, ready to release their world class poptunes in a catchy and crooked wrapping as the first 100% Swedish ensemble on Crunchy Frog.

The band from Malmoe, Sweden, has already released a bunch of born classics on no longer exsisting label Vibrafon, including the EP “Hände Hoch” with the hit single “Lizard” and the brilliant album “The hills are alive with the sound of Mopeds” (nr. 5 on the Billboard chart of the best 1999 albums).

Now they release their first single on Crunchy Frog, another born hit: the disco-kinda “Steppin on fire”. The single is released March 15th in Sweden and Norway and around April 1st in Denmark, recorded in the bands own studio “Gula” in Malmoe, next to the Tambourine studio. Read more about the band on the bio page!


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