From the Archives: The Inebriated Diary of The Tremolo Beer Gut (by 24. May 2000)

On Saturday April 15th we gathered in Kastrup Airport. Our destination was London! A very big thing had happened…. The Man Himself – The King – The Godfather of Us All – Mr. Jon Fucking Spencer and Mrs. Christina Martinez had asked us to play with Boss Hog on the North European leg of their tour. Without hesitation we accepted the offer, scraped together a bit of the ol’ cash, said bye to family and friends and found ourselves there at the airport of Copenhagen.

Right from the start, this week of our lives turned out to be very interesting, a week where we learned a lot about ourselves and – even more so – a lot about eachother! When the plane took off from Copenhagen, 5 happy people leaned back and enjoyed themselves. The only problem being that we had booked 6 tickets for this flight, and this is where Per Sunding enters the equation – and he will do so many times in this story. Per Sunding aka “The Swede” did not make the plane!!!! Curiously, nobody had the slightest idea where he was.

An hour and a half later we found ourselves in Heathrow – one bassist short – in dire need of a fucking Pint! Per arrived on the next plane and we spent the rest of the evening under the influence of alcohol! At this point I have to point out, that none of us has ever been the object of such a quick flow of nick names as did Per aka “Verschwunding” aka “Liget i Øresund” aka “Øresunding” aka “The Psychopath”….
On monday the 17th we were on stage in London – the first gig on the tour. London Astoria 2 was packed with eager Englishmen and ladies, and they got their Pounds worth. A Team of Tremolo in very good form entered the stage in such a fucking wild manner that even the most boring Limey bastard had to succumb to our charm and enthusiasm! In other words…. We kicked the ass of the Brits! Boss Hog did a nice show too, but anyone that had just witnessed a killer Tremolophonic outburst knows that…. need I say more?
As we sat on the plane to Amsterdam the next morning, we again had to realize the astounding genius of Per Sunding. During the night he had lost his suitcase and all his treasured belongings in a taxi cab in London! As we flew over the English Channel we were in a hung over state of euphoria, and we had to take to the small bottles of Wine (Swine) the Brittish Airways so generously distribute to perverts like us. After all this is the patented Sune Wagner cure for heavy hang overs!

When we arrived in Amsterdam we were pretty inebriated and it was just after Noon. Amsterdam was so inviting in the nice spring sunshine, that Yebo had to do the only right thing to do: Order 5 big Heineken, which we enjoyed at the airport. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the town square near the Melkweg venue, where we had more beers and exotic Dutch dishes such as Garnalen and Lapping.

The Show that night was once more an actionpacked megasucces and the stoned Dutch audience witnessed a show of the most delicious kind! After the concert Jengo and Yebo got a crash course in the local herbs and stole 2 double whopper meals at the nearby Kurger Bing.

Once again, very very early the next morning, we sat in a plane. This time heading for ol’ CPH. We had a few hours in Copenhagen to get some strings and Yebos drums and some new “Surfer Girl” t-shirts. Unfortunately we were not playing in Copenhagen, as Boss Hog had booked the only Scandi gig in Malmö, where Per was on solid ground on his own turf …. NOT! The Swedes chose to stay home and… and … what the hell do we know?  KB wasn’t even half full and we played a half shabby gig – and the audience loved it anyway! Leaving all that aside we ended up back home in copenhagen at Hong Kong in Nyhavn dancing and drinking like crazy!

The Beer Gut had flown enough, and the next day Sunding picked us up in a top notch Swedish car with OK leg space – and he even got there on time!!!!! Rud – our main man – joined the group as driver, and we set out for Hamburg loaded with buckets of high spirits and a few bottles of Swine!

In Hamburg 2 hard core Tremolo-fans Heike and Crille (we love ya) had arranged a big The Tremolo Beer Hog After Party.

The German audience showed to be very supportive even before the show, and – o! – what a wonderful show! The Markthalle was filled with cool Germans on this evening (Hitlers Birthday as it turned out – we thought of a lot of Hitler jokes but decided against using them…). We felt success in the air as we entered the stage with a bang, and our expectations of the Germans came true: they were chocked and shaken as you can understand. They especially loved our respectful version of Kraftwerk’s “Das Modell” and also the cover of Sonic Youth’s “Death Valley ’69”. Christina Martinez from Boss Hog had promised to do this song with us, but didn’t make our show, but we got our revenge the night after in Berlin!

Boss Hog did their very best show in Hamburg and there were plenty of reasons for a intensive night “On the Bottle” at our very own party at the

Repperbahn: The Tremolo Beer Hog After Party. The Germans were certainly not shy about putting a lot of booze into their cocktails. We all mingled with Spencer and Co. and had a terrific time at the dance floor and on the tables!

Man of the day must be Yebo who passed out on the edge of his bed after a delinquent visit to a Türkish Döner Shop – almost naked in his shorts and with his pants hanging from his right foot. A perfect end to a fabulous night!

Berlin – last gig on the tour (for our part) – turned out to be in a league of it’s own. After a 20 minute version of “Death Valley ’69” where Christina once again “didn’t make it” to the stage, we had to see ourselves beat… we thought. But when Boss Hog ended their encores under heavy applause, the audience refused to stop clapping and cheering even though the houselights went on, and they put a tape on the PA. After 15 minutes of this, we realized we HAD to go back BOTH bands and do the long awaited version of “Death Valley”. Spencer chose to do the front of the house sound on the superior constellation of The TBG featuring Hollis and Christina on vocals, Mark on keyborads and Jens watching from the side – smiling (for once!!!).
And – O! – what a magnificent version we did, an orgy of all the rules of noise, a pearl, no less! Sonic Youth would have been proud as popes had they witnessed such an intimate, intense masterpiece, lasting half an hour. [The last bit is in Danish as it is not translatable] Lydeffekter fløj som de fucking for vildeste kamikazepiloter rundt i salen, det var – i ordets egentlige forstand den fucking for vildeste optur siden farmor døde!!!

by Sune Wagner


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