From the Archives: The best Fricke’nly band in years!!! (by 9. June 2002)

”The best band I’ve seen in years” Whoa!! Hold on! Say that again!? The BEST band? YOU’VE seen? In YEARS? David Fricke, legendary Rolling Stone writer and rock n’ roll guru extraordinaire, actually thinks The Raveonettes is the best band he’s seen in years after seeing them live at the recent Spot 08 two-day music festival. And what a party it was! The audience was extaticly thrilled with The Raveonettes’ no-shit, in-your-face rock n’roll which can be heard on their intense debut mini-album, Whip It On, out now on Crunchy Frog.

But it’s not just any mini-album. Whip It On is based on three chords only (who needs ’em anyway?!?), and the eight songs featured on the album are all played in B-minor. And no sir, it does NOT sound boring! Au contraire, Whip It On is an electric mix of rock n’roll, surf, garage, punk and pretty much everything in between. The Raveonettes features Sune Wagner, formerly of the much-missed alt.rock outfit Psyched Up Janis, and the stunning Sharin Foo, who by far must be the coolest grrl in the rock n’roll biz!

The songs are about all the pure things in life like sex, drugs, booze and… ghost riders, and not since the likes of The Ramones, The Cramps and The Jesus And Mary Chain, have you heard such an explosive cocktail of pure attitude and good ole fashioned kick-ass rock, like our mom used to make it!! Basically, it will kick your ass into oblivion. But that ain’t all folks! The Raveonettes have already begun recording their next mini-album, and this time, it will feature three different chords!! How about that?! Only three chords, and it still sounds so electrifyingly, fantasticly, whippedly, in your face’idly awesome!! And the fans and critics have gone completely cwazy for this band! Already they’ve build a solid fan base who will undoubtedly follow Sune and Sharin to the end of the world!

If you’re in the States, don’t neglect the chance to go see The Raveonettes, as they embark on a showcase tour in God’s own. America’s never gonna be the same again. They said the same thing about Elvis, but this time we assure you, the name’s gonna fit!

Whip It On is bargain’ly available at


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