From the Archives: Superheroes, Beck & co. (by 29. July 2001)

Here is what Asger from superheroes wrote in the band diary at

“On Wednesday the 4th of July Beck played at the Gröna Lund Amusement Park in Stockholm. We were asked to support the concert, but Gröna Lund has a policy that says ‘only one band on the big stage per night’, so instead we played after Beck’s concert (an afterparty for the Becks’) at something called Gröna Lunds Teatern..a legendary venue (like a real theater with seats and everything) inside the amusement park, where The Beatles once played. It’s a very cool place! We nearly didn’t make it to the concert because the Crunchy Mobile (the van we normally use for transport) broke down half the way to Stockholm. Besides almost going into panic, we had to rent a new van in the nearest town. But we made it! The concert went really well. Beck was there with his tourmanager, his bass player, Justin and synth player, Roger. They first told us they had to go early and could only stay for 2 or 3 songs. But they stayed and watched the whole show (dancing and screaming and singing). The night turned out exactly as we had hoped, actually much better than we expected.”

As you can see, Beck was pretty beat after his show, and started out sitting down, but in the end they were all up in front dancing and cheering. You can even see Beck and Justin having a tete a tete slow dance during Calculating. After the show the Beck-people rummaged the T-shirt stand and got records and stuff, and even came back and hung out backstage!!! BIG NEWS friends!


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