From the Archives: Superheroes and Tremolo in Austin, Texas (by 5. May 2000)

Two Crunchy bands had the pleasure of playing at the South by Southwest Music Marathon in Austin, Texas this year. The two lucky bands that got invited was The Tremolo Beer Gut and superheroes. They played at the Soho Lounge together with 3 other fine Danish bands, Hot Rod Moses, On Trial and Mew. This is the horrifying but happy ending tale of a pool shootin’, magharita drinkin’, rock n’ roll playin’ good time. And also a story about why The Great Nalna is indeed GREAT!

The Tremolo Beer gut had decided to ask their trusted sound engineer and record producer Ulrik Petersen aka The Great Nalna to join them on stage at the festival as one of the regulars – Jengo – had to take his exams back in Copenhagen, and couldn’t go to Texas. So good old Nalna picked up his guitar and started rehearsing the rythm guitar part for the entire Tremolo set. Well prepared he came to Austin to meet Yebo and Per at a motel a little out of town. Little did the know that Sune – the lead guitarist of the band – had fallen sick and e-mailed them that he would not be coming for the show. Dang! Suddenl it seemed like all the travelling and all the Kroners spent, had been to no use at all. The “band” was devastated!

It was all cring and the gnashing of teeth until Nalna proved his GREATness, stood up like a man and walked tall. “I’ll play BOTH the freakin’ guitars!” he exclaimed “even if it’s going to kill me. I’ll DO it!”. And then he, Yebo and Per started to rehearse like crazy. They had 2 days to get it together, they even rented a rehearsal room for 2 hours (which is surely more than TBG rehearsed in a year).

At the night of the show the “band” was pretty sure they had a good chance of playing a good show, with Per playing bas on some song and guitar on others, but the pressure of the trio-format was nonetheless coming to the group. Especially Nalna who had to carry the burden of walking in Sune Wagners pretty damn funky shoes, and with no second guitarist to back him up. Nalna was – yes, he admitted it – not feeling to GREAT about the whole thing. But…



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