From the Archives: Superheroes’ 3rd album is here! (by 17. April 2002)

Superheroes: This is our best album EVER!
After the great success of the Igloo album from 2000, the Superheroes have been busy touring all over Europe, and they also have had the time to release 2 cool EP’s. But the last year the band have been more or less dedicated to just one thing: recording new music and exploring new musical territory. The band decided to work on their own in Thomas Troelsens new recording studio Delta Lab. The new record is recorded and produced by the band themselves, and it surely is the most exciting pop album we have heard for years!

The record is out on April 22nd in Denmark, and will be out in Sweden on May 13th. After that the Superheroes just might conquer the rest of the world!


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