From the Archives: New superheroes EP (by 11. March 2001)

The new superheroes EP “Las Vegas” is out from March 15th 2001. The EP contains music that the band has composed for the Danish sit-com “Langt fra Las Vegas” (= far from las vegas). Main man Casper Christensen (aka the best stand up comedian in Denmark – ever!) became very found of the band after listening to the Igloo album and decided to ask Thomas & co. to write the main theme and credit music for the series. The result is “So far”, a catchy pop tune in best superheroes style, and the much more punked up “In control of the beat” – both to be heard every Tuesday when the sit-com is shown on Danish TV-station TV2 Zulu, and now on CD as well. The EP also contains 2 bonustracks, both recorded for Igloo but not released until now. “She’s on the video” is a live classic, “Will he ever be back?” has never been played live by the band – a shame as the song is phenomenal!

Danish music awards
On March the 3rd superheroes played at the Danish Music Award show broadcasted live on National TV2. The band played a wild and almost butt naked verison of “Miami” featuring Casper Christensen as chorus boy – and no doubt that superheroes was the best band that night. Unfortunately did leadsinger Thomas Troelsen not recieve an award for best male singer. The price ended in the hands of another superheroes fan – D:A:D’s Jesper Binzer.


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