From the Archives: New MONO album out on Nov 10th! (by 10. October 2000)

Taken from the brand new tremolo site:

Oh yeah! The rumours were all true! There’s a new Tremolo album out on
friday the 10th of november. It’s on the premiere night for the play we
just did the music for and also on the night of the Cristmas Beer release
(SNEØL) in Denmark – which is always a happy occassion for a party!We decided to do the new album in Glorious MONO!!! because it doesn’t
get much older than that. We love those old Phil Spector and Beach Boys
sounds and lot’s of other mono-goodies – so the obvious step would be
to record in mono this time.The result is of course excellent (and can
also be played using stereo equipment – mind you!).

Just like the first album it was done very quickly true to the old school
records we all love. We recorded the basic tracks in Gula Studion in Malmö
(and a little bit in Tambourine) in 2 days and then we dubbed it at Eggstones
Rehearsal room (well, it’s more like a freakin HOUSE with loads of cool
amps, a MCI 16-track machine and complete Pro-Tools studio – which we
didn’t touch!!!!). Then we mixed it at Gula – also a 2 day session, and
WHAMMO! A new sparkling old Tremolo Beer Gut-experience!
The title is “Under The Influence of The Tremolo Beer Gut” – check out
the artwork (you won’t be disappointed if you liked the old one) right


We did the cover together with Tor Slotmann from Tothe International.

He’s a stand up guy for helping us with this, as out usual main man John
Bau is kicking it in Budapest. We also did a very cool poster for the
record with the help of Jakob Strid (check out his daily comic strip in
Politiken – it totally rocks!).

The record was produced once again by The Great Nalna. Who can blame us? He’s Great!

The tracks include two song we played at Roskilde and other times live,
but all the rest is brand new!

Track list:

1. Agent Tremolo – Sudas wrote this one: the ultimate
spy theme, not counting Barry’s masterpiece!

2. The Sleaz-e-nator – Yebo’s title but Sudas’ song.

We switched the titles around, so they fitted the songs better

3. Diablo Mountains Sunrise – The Diablos lie somewhere

in California (we think). Sounds like a cool place to wake up!

4. Slingshot Dragster – The Casbah Hit was really

called SD, but again we switched the titles

5. Stoli Chaser – Stolichnaya Stolichnaya Stolichnaya

– the best vodka in the world!!!!

6. The Last Booze Fighter – We premiered this tune

at Roskilde 2000 with great succes! The Booze Fighters we’re a group of
outlaw bikers preceeding the Hells Angels – and with a slightly cooler

7. J-Cat Gone Haywire – How weird can YOU get?

8. St. Duane – Refers to Duane Eddy of course. The

man with the BIG guitar. While dubbing Sune and Yebo decided to put jingle
bells on this track and call it Santa Duane, but Jengo and Per vetoed
this without hesitation – that’s why you can hear Yebo whispering “Santa
Duane” on the track. We removed the bells and changed the title but stuck
with Santa on the audio. Why? Nobody knows!

9. Kittyscope – A suggested title was Murder Dogs,

but because of the slide guitars’ whining sound, we wanted something mre
cat-ish. Pussy seemed a bit too sleazy, so there you go…

10. The Worm – The hardest song to complete – and

the last one to be named. Per came up with The Worm as a reference to
the Tequila worm and the Mexican feeling of the track.

11. Theme From The Beer Hunter – Per’s original demo

was entitled Videorama, but this title came out of the fact thet Patrik
(the 5th Tremolo – or 6th if Nalna counts) found out that Yebos real name
Jesper Reginal was an anagram of Pilsner Jaeger (Pilsner beeing a type
of beer, and Jaeger meaning Hunter in Dansih and Swedish). When we came
up with the title we didn’t even think about The Deer Hunter (for about
2 seconds).

12. Tahonga Lounge Babe – Tahonga Bar is the legendary

last stop hotal bar in Malmö. Oh babeh, we’ve been there once or twice!

13. Revolvo 1974 – The track was called Revolver,

but it seemed rather tired, so we came up with Revolvo 1974 ’cause Per
has this old Volvo from ’74 we always ride around Malmö. It’s the same
car that can bve heard on Clayton’s Hotrod on the first album – and the
same Volvo that always finds it’s way into the live cover version of Sonic
Youth’s “Death Valley ’69”

14. Timebomb – Yebo this one and called it J-Cat,

but the ticking of the drums suggested Timebomb as a more appropriate

15. The Casbah Hit (Bad Postcard From Palermo)

The story starts out at a funeral in Palermo. A made guy get’s dead and
the family sends a hit man after the damned killer. They chase all across
Europe and finally meet in the Casbah somewhere in the near Orient. The
fight is intense, but in the end the killer buys it. The Vendetta is completed.

16. Plutonium – The only track apart from Booze fighter

we’ve tried out live before the record. The title reflects the relationship
between the Swedish and Danish part of the band (for those who don’t know:
Sweden has a Nuclear Power Plant lying just next to Copenhagen, which
many Danes don’t really find that…. intelligent….Not Per’s fault,

17. Diablo Mountains Sunset – The Diablos seems like

a cool place to go to sleep, too.


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