From the Archives: Lead singer from superheroes nominated for Grammy! (by 10. January 2001)

Mr. Thomas Troelsen of superheroes was nominated for the Danish Music Awards as the best male singer of 2000. This is only fair as Thomas surely is the greatest performer – especially LIVE – Danish pop has seen for quite a while.
This was also stated recently in a major Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende – actually they wrote that : “On stage and CD, 19 year old Thomas Troelsen from superheroes is the most talented pop musician this country has ever seen. Including Thomas Helmig.” The genius of Thomas and the band was also recognized by the readers of Gaffa (the major Danish fanzine).
The band entered the top 3 in the categories: Best Danish Band, Best Danish Album, Best Danish New Band, Best Live Band. And in Tjeck Magazine “IGLOO” was chosen as the best album of 2000.
Not too shabby at all!!! Please help Thomas win against al odds, and place your vote for him at

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