From the Archives: Crunchy world champ at Bonving (by 30. July 2001)

Crunchy world champ at Bonving
It is all true what they say: The Great Nalna aka Ulrik Petersen (producer of Tremolo Beer Gut and guitarist in Tothe International and THAU) threw a briliant shoe as part of the team that became world champions at the Bonving World Cup 2001 in Malmö, Sweden. And he wasn’t the only crunchy Bonvinger that afternoon. Members of various crunchy bands such as THAU, Learning From Las Vegas, The Mopeds, Tremolo Beer Gut and Tothe International participated as well as more than 40 players from several countries you have never heard of (“Germany” for example: sounds so made up.

Players was hurt, players cried, players lost, but also: some players won and the great Nalna was the greatest of them all along with his team mate Jakob.

Ladies and Gentlemen: we have a Danish world champion.

Learn more about Bonving and the Championships 2001 at the official Bonving home page or check the very nice photo and video report at


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