From the Archives: Thau out in Japan (by 28. December 1999)

After the successful trip to Japan in August, the domestic super selling album ‘Swish’ is now out in record stores all over Japan. It is the third Crunchy record to be released in Japan. Earlier this year both The Tremolo Beer Guts’ ‘The inebriated sounds of …’ and Superheroes’ ‘Dancing Casanova’ was released though Japanese label Avex, and now it’s time for THAU. The album in its Japanese version contains 4 ‘exclusive for Japan’ bonus tracks: namely the casual ‘Casual’, the catchy ‘House no. 35’, the grandiose ‘Final song’ and last and least the instrumental pop tune ‘Marvel’. Only ‘Marvel’ has been released before, when it appeared on the ‘Today is Up’ free promo single for Denmark only, but a loyal
audience will recognize ‘House no. 35’. It was a huge performance success, especially when THAU toured Germany in the mid-90’es.

For the moment being THAU is working on a new album. They started recording in the summer of ’99 with Swedish guy Per Sunding (Tambourine Studios, Eggstone and The Tremolo Beer Gut) and it seems to turn out to be their best work yet. The album will not be out before late spring ’00 at the earliest, but they promised it’s worth waiting for!


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