From the Archives: Thau hitting the Pavement in Japan (11. October 1999)

In 1997 THAU released a record called ”Swish”. It was really really good, and everybody loved it. But nobody bought it. They loved it but they didn’t buy it. Well the problem was in fact that only people with a great involvment and interest in music knew about this cool record: the press and musicians and people like that. The big problem was perhaps that the record was too original to be commercial og maybe it wasn’t outrageous enough to make the headlines. It was just a really good record. But it was no big hit or big succes.
So the band and the label wrote off the loss and headed toward new adventures and new records, until suddenly one sweet day a fairy called Junko came by Denmark. In her spare time she did A&R for a large Japanese indie label called Avex, and she heard this good but not very succesful album, and she saw that it was good and that it was true, and she liked it right away. She decided, that she would make it succesful.
And they all lived happily ever after (or so the story goes…)
So THAU got signed to a large label in Japan, and on the 25th of November 1999 ”Swish” will be released in Japan. To promote the release the band went to Tokyo to play 2 support gigs for the american indie legends from Pavement. This was not the first encounter between these bands. THAU has supported Pavement twice in Copenhagen and after this some of the people in the two bands have had a little contact by mail and phone, and met up at the Roskilde Festival ’97 and CMJ ’98. As the two bands seemed to suit each other and the members seemed to like drinking beer together, it was a natural thing to once again bring them together. This was of course also a sly way for THAU to tap into Pavements big audience in Japan, and it really worked out well.
At the Akasaki Blitz THAU played before 2000 people two nights in a row, supporting Pavement with all their talents and energy. Both nights both bands were recorded for two Japanese tv channels and there was much rejoicing. And much drinking afterwards.

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