From the Archives: New heroic super EP (by 28. December 1999)

The new mini-CD ‘Johnny and I’ is out now (DK-released November 15th ’99) and has been in heavy rotation on radio stations all over Denmark. It contains the super single hit ‘Johnny and I’, featuring Senior known to some people as singer in Junior Senior and the ‘no longer existing’ Ludo X. The track is a catchy 2 minute pop song, which deserves a long and lasting life. The mini-CD contains 6 tracks all in all, 3 originals and 3 remixes. Track 2 is the warm and harmonic ‘Travelling to space’, an exclusive track for this release. Track 3 is a synth version of ‘Miami’, which will appear on the forthcoming album. The three remixes are by Japanese artists Fantastic Plastic Machine and LaB LIFe and the Danish techno-duo Puddu Varano. The latter has remixed the leading track and transformed it into a truely 80’es maxi single verison with slap bass and groovy beats. The LaB LIFe has made a quite humoristic and simplistic version out of ‘I touched her legs’ and the ‘quite as Japanese’ Fantastic Plastic Machine aka super hot DJ and hepcat Tomoyuki Tanaka has put together a Beatles pastiche of the remains of the song ‘superheroes’.

Superheroes has just finished the last mixing of the new album ‘Igloo’. It will be out in DK in early spring.


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